Truth MD

Founding Principles

TruthMD believes that individuals need to be actively involved in their own healthcare, making decisions that affect their lives on a daily basis.

TruthMD also believes that most individuals want to be actively involved with their own healthcare, partnering with their physicians to make the best possible decisions.

Well-informed individuals can and will make intelligent and practical decisions.

We believe that advertising and ad-based Internet sources can be biased and incomplete sources of information about the healthcare industry. Yet, these are the sources that most individuals are relying upon in order to make decisions about their own health.

MedFax (, a new product that is coming to the marketplace in April 2013, is designed to provide consumers with a single, unbiased source of information about doctors, drugs, devices and hospitals.

What Makes MedFax different?

Currently, the behind the scenes influence of industry on the healthcare field is enormous. Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations and device manufacturers overwhelm us on a daily basis with information about our health that ranges from accurate and vital to blatantly false scare campaigns.

A simple review of the websites and apps that offer information to consumers about doctors, drugs or medical devices reveals that all of them are incomplete, providing some information, while withholding more. In addition, most of the sites easily available to consumers are either owned by pharmaceutical or device manufacturers or are supported entirely by revenue from advertising placed by those companies.

Sites about doctors contain information that is outdated, inaccurate, or provided only by the doctor himself. Hospitals are “ranked” for consumers based on the amount of advertising dollars they spend to obtain their “rankings.” And, none of the sites disclose the often-substantial monetary connection between doctors and the distributors of the devices or drugs that they prescribe.

What is needed is a simple source of information, uninfluenced by the industry itself, that can easily explain for patients such things as:

In comprehensive, but easy to understand reports, MedFax does just that, and more. MedFax provides complete, unbiased information to consumers and doctors about drugs, devices, doctors and hospitals.

Why TruthMD? Because we believe that consumers and doctors armed with the truth will make better healthcare decisions.